Airtel Free Call, Mtn, Glo and 9Mobile

Airtel Free Call

Airtel Free Call, Before we get started let know what free call is all about…

According to

Free Call is a web-based communications tool that is embedded on a website, providing visitors a free means to directly contact you on your landline and mobile phones. Free Call can be configured to connect visitors, customers, and potential clients directly to your office or your call center with just a click of a button.

With Free Call, businesses can place a “Free Call” button on their websites that visitors can click to initiate a phone call. The call will be then directed to your phone number of choice, be it your office number, mobile, or your staff. This tool helps businesses keep the costs of customer communications low yet still enjoy high quality calls on both ends.

Don’t let me waste your time. Let get to the main point.

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