Screen recorder for Android, The Best Free of them all here

Maybe you just had an idea to start a YouTube tutorial or gaming channel. While you could make use of an external camera to record, it wouldn’t be the best option aesthetically. Thankfully, there are apps on the Play Store that can do the job of recording your phone’s screen directly.

Here is a list of some of the best screen-recording apps for Android. It is not an exhaustive list — as there are other apps out there. These have all the cool features you may fancy. Go ahead, take a read, make your pick, and then go make your recordings.

If your main aim is to record gaming-related things and you have no intention of downloading third-party apps then, you can simply use the official Play Games app on your Android device.

Once you open the Play Games app, get to the game’s info page. There you tap the “Record” icon at the top of the screen. There are options for recording in 480p and 720p.

You can also use this feature to record non-gaming stuff. Simply follow the above steps, then exit the game once it launches.

Again, this app is convenient for people wanting to record their screen for YouTube uploads. This app may be all you need if you’re recording games. YouTube Gaming‘s direct integration with YouTube makes it a winner. Aside recording games, it can record specific apps as well as mirror your entire Android screen.

YouTube users will feel at home with the UI, which has a familiar look. Another perk is its ability to tell you how much recording time you have left based on the phone storage available.

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