12 Best Websites to Stream Live Sports at Free of Cost

Sports Streaming Sites are one of the trending terms on the web nowadays and no doubt everyone is a big fan of the sports. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you like, you always wait for live sports streaming of that match.

With the tight schedule, most of the working people don’t get much time to sit in front of the TV and watch complete match on the TV, instead they preferred use sports streaming sites to watch live sports without sign up or registration.

Streaming sports online requires a strong internet connection and you will be updated within every second of the match. In this post we are going to tell you about some of the best free sports streaming sites to watch live sports matches online. You can watch live sports matches online for free on your PC, Mac, Android/Tablet or iOS devices.

Note: You may not be able to access many of the sites due to ISP restriction or country restriction. If you get any error while opening any of the below sites, then you can use any free proxy sites or if you are a Google Chrome user, then you can install the Zenmate extension (It’s totally free).

12 Best Websites to Streaming Live Sports at Free of Cost

1. CricFree.sc

CricFree.sc is one of the best sports streaming sites to stream various live sports matches like Cricket, Football, Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Rugby, Motors, Golf and many more. On Homepage of this site, you can get schedule of various live matches (you can easily find lists of live matches there). There is also a chat-box featured on this site where you can interact with people of similar interests. Though, you may find few pop ads on this site, but overall streaming experience was smooth and I recommend you to enable Ad Blocker before visiting this site.
Due to its popularity, CricFree is blocked in few countries. Use any free VPN to unblock it.

2. Stream2watch.org

Stream2watch is one of biggest streaming site which you can use to live stream all sports events. On the Home Page of this site, you can check out the list of all live sports matches. In the list, you can check Sports name, team details & the time at which match started. Just Click on “Watch Now! HD” to stream your favorite live sports and enjoy it for free. The only thing which I disliked about this website is that it has clusters of pop ads which seems quite irritating while visiting this site. the good thing about this website is that it has multiple mirrors available for each of the sport, so that in case any mirror does not work, you can easily check that stream that sport via another mirror.

3. Laola1.tv

Laola1 is another one of top sports sites to watch matches online. It offers live streaming of some non-major sports like Football, Ice Hockey, Table Tennis, Volleyball etc. You can also check out highlights of many sports easily without any kind of issue. There is a small bar which shows the number of Live Sports Events as well. You must give this free streaming site a try. On this website, you can easily watch live streams + videos online. Moreover, this site is very modern and has good UI. On the Homepage, you can easily check latest videos. Moreover, videos are arranged based on different events which is one of the plus points of this site.

4. fromHOT.com

FromHot is one of the best sports sites for free streaming from where you can watch Football, Hockey, Tennis, BasketBall, Base Ball, Golf, Cycling, MotorSports etc. User Interface of this site is very simple and clean. You can check out all available live streaming sports videos on HomePage easily. You can also select your time zone on this site which is one of biggest advantage. Personally, I think that FromHot is one of best site for watching live matches online. On the homepage, you can see the list of live videos which are streaming at that time. You can visit any of them at free of cost. Moreover, they have their live chat widget too in which you can chat with people who are having similar interests to you.


VIP League is one of the best websites which allows you to stream many sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Cycling, Nascar etc. Moreover, This site is also available in other languages like Francis, Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano, Dutch and more. You can also check out upcoming sports events easily. This site also provides some other feature like Changing the theme of site or you can change Time Zone as well. On Homepage of this site, you can check out a lot of categories like Football, BasketBall, Baseball from which you can easily check all different events related to that sport category. This site is recently blocked in some of countries like India, but still you can enjoy these sites via VPN.

It is a free live streaming site which is offered by ESPN Channel, which is one of the top sports channel. This site has an awesome user interface and is best if you are interested in US Sports. If you are not interested in US Sports then you should select any other streaming site as it provides streaming of US sports only. I think all of you guys are aware of ESPN channels, which is one of the leading sports channel. If you are looking for a site which is free from annoying ads like pop ads, then it is undoubtedly the best site for you. On WatchESPN, you can easily watch live sports events and ESPN programs online. Moreover, WatchESPN has its official android and iOS app also so that you can enjoy live streaming of sports on your android phone also.
Note: This service is available in a few countries only. So if it is not available in your country, then just try another streaming site.
You can also check country of which streaming is based on which will help you in deciding various things like video language and basically what it is all about.

It is a streaming site owned by Star India. If you are an Indian and looking for a site to watch cricket or kabaddi online, then your search ends here. Hotstar allows user to stream live sports for free without sign up. Thanks to its modern UI and of course loads of free content, this site has got huge popularity in a few Asian countries. Apart from sports, you can also watch movies, TV shows for free.

Here is another legal site to catch all latest updates about sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Basket Balls & much more. You can watch latest video updates about your favorite sport along with live Score Card, Commentary & Graphs. Indeed, A must try site to get latest news & updates about your live sports. You can also catch the latest updates on your Android, iOS phone using their app & on your TV using Chromecast.


BOSSCAST is also one of the best site which allows free sports streaming of various sports. You can also select your Time Zone after opening the site. You can find a lot of popular sports on this site. You can see all minor sports as well like Rugby, F1, Soccer, etc. There is a live chat also available on this site on which you can use to chat with other guys interested in similar sports. On HomePage, you can easily check different sports videos like Hockey, Soccer, Basketball etc. Moreover, on Bosscast you can watch live tv as well by checking different channels from their live TV streaming page like AXN, BBC etc.

10. BatmanStream.net

Batman Stream is one of best sports stream sites, which stream multiple sports like Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motor Sports etc. Best part of this site is that it also allows you to search for live events of your favorite sport which you want to stream online for free. Similar to other sites for streaming sports matches online, this website also provides live streaming of various sports like Football, Hockey, etc. This site provides streaming of various sports like Football, Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Motor, Rugby etc.

11. FirstRowSports.tv

FirstRow sports is another best sport streaming site from where you can stream your favorite sports live easily and most important for free. This site also has a great feature for slow internet connection users that they provide live scores, so that users with slow internet speed can also check the live score easily. Moreover, you can find thousands of sports video and you can upload your sports video as well. This site is one of the best website which always provide working mirrors of sports live matches streaming. Though, they are a lot of pop ads in every single click. So, you should be aware of this issue and I recommend you to enable Ad Blocker before visiting this site.

12. StreamWoop.net

Streamwoop is another website for watches various sports matches online for free. You can watch many popular sports like Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Racing, Boxing, Cricket, Golf etc. Moreover, User interface of this site is very good, at the top you will find a search box from which you can watch your favorite sports online for free.

There are many more, but let me pause here.
Thank you for the time you spent reading this article, please stay glued for more updates. 

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