Bitcoins in 2018! A Long Guide: How To Get Bitcoins, Wallets, Miners

As of today, 1 BTC (Bitcoin) is worthy of more than $16,000. This is something astonishing. And this becomes more powerful in the starting of 2017. That is why we wanted you to teach every single thing about Bitcoins that could help you to understand it and this long worthy guide would definitely help you to Know All About Bitcoins and also we will be going to explore everything that could probably help you to earn it in a better manner.

You can’t get Bitcoins in your hand like any other currency i.e Dollars, Rupees, etc. Basically, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is accepted by worldwide governments legally :P. Such currencies that work over the internet only are known as a cryptocurrency. Well, there is lot more cryptocurrency like Bitcoins that you can use too. But Here, we will only be taking Bitcoins and all about it in detail. If we look a few months back in 2017, Below is the graph that shows how Bitcoins changes its demand globally on the internet. With the exponential doubling in the price of bitcoin, this cryptocurrency is generating tons of interest among people. By now, many people have heard of Bitcoin and it’s gaining acceptance. However, Every single person who doesn’t even know what exactly ‘Bitcoin‘ is want to earn it as its power is Remarkable!
Shocking! After the bitcoin broke the $10,000 barrier, a debate took place behind the scenes of Techviral about when to report future cryptocurrency records. It seemed reasonable to comment when it was over $16,000 – and that has already happened.

What are Bitcoins? Experts Explained

Bitcoin is basically a virtual currency which can be mined by computers or ASIC miners. This type of currency is carried cryptocurrency. Some of the commonly known cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, litecoin, peercoin, and namecoin. However, Bitcoins are not controlled or managed by any bank or the government. They can be sent from one user to another without any medium in between. But, unlike the paper currency, Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency cannot be printed as per our wish.
Bitcoins are mined, and this mining means solving complex math problems by using computer parts. For mining Bitcoins, GPU is better than CPU whereas ASIC cards are better than both. Bitcoins are not ASIC resistant. Every time a solution to this math problem is found, a reward is awarded in the form of a Bitcoin. On an average, a solution is found every 10 minutes. The fact is, only 21 million Bitcoins can be mined and once these many Bitcoins are mined, no more Bitcoins can be mined. These Bitcoins will become more expensive as they get rare. Already, more than 16 million Bitcoins have been found, and only 5 million Bitcoins are left.

How To Send and Recieve Bitcoins?

To send and receive Bitcoins you need Bitcoin Wallet. Each Bitcoin can be divided into eight decimals which mean0.00000001 is the smallest denominationin a Bitcoin. Bitcoins are stored in a virtual wallet which keeps a record of every single transaction and also allows users to send and receive Bitcoins. All these transactions are verified by miners, and the record is permanently stored by all the members of the network. This is the reason that transactions take a couple of minutes to verify the transactions and check whether it really pulled off.

Well, These conversions to 1 BTC to USD, 1 BTC to Nigeria Niara are pretty shocking! (You Can Also Check it for Any CURRENCY just type on Google 1 BTC equal to “Your Currency name“) Imagine, if you owns 10 BTC it means you own 175346.9 USD and whosoever don’t want such figure 😛 But the only way to spend it Virtually. Yes! this is a kind of drawback but there are a hell lot of things that one can take advantage of it.
Anyways, Now coming to the ultimate part of this Bitcoin Guide and that is:

How to Get a Bitcoin? 

How To Make Bitcoins? How To Earn Bitcoins? Still, This question is question-mark 😛 ?? You’ve probably read a handful articles that explaining Bitcoin Earning and still couldn’t understand what it actually is and how exactly you can earn it? Let me be very honest — Earning Bitcoin can be really challenging. So, OLAINTEL always here to help. I’ll help you to get Bitcoin in a simplistic way.

Legal Ways To Buy Bitcoins in 2017?

#1. You can directly buy a Bitcoin by paying the current price of a Bitcoin. Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange. Indaoin, Kraken, etc, are few other Bitcoin exchanges which you can use.

#2. You can sell a particular commodity to a person and accept the payment I the form if a Bitcoin.

#3. Mining Bitcoins is the most difficult and also the most profitable method.

#4. U can buy from Luno, if youre a Nigerian and also from Localbitcoin all over the world
#5You can have a bitcoin wallet on your smartphone. There are apps such a Copay, Airbitz, breadwallet, etc. You can have a bitcoin wallet on your smartphone. There are apps such a Copay, Airbitz, breadwallet, etc.

How to spend a Bitcoin?

#1. You need not spend a whole Bitcoin at once. You can spend a Bitcoin in a fraction. This fraction goes up to eight decimals.
#2. You can send bitcoins from your account to some other person’s account very easily since there is no bank or any middleman whom you need to ask to do so.
#3. Airbitz – Find bitcoin friendly merchants near you. Open Bazaar – It is a decentralized marketplace. Coinmap – You can use this to find bitcoin friendly merchants near you.
#4. Another option which many people like to use is to buy a Bitcoin debit card which allows people to fill a debit card with funds via bitcoins.
Did You Get Something or Not? Understanding The Bitcoin cryptocurrencymay not be easy in the first attempt. But you can be a master in this field by simply knowing How does it work? But I hope you will get a little idea about Bitcoin. As it is such a vast topic, covering every aspect is pretty challenging for us as well. Thereby, I assist you to drop any doubts you have in the comments section below without any hesitation. This is all you need to know about Bitcoins and how to get it and use it.

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