4 ways to recover deleted post on blogger

Blogger has introduced Undelete this blog for you to easily recover deleted blogs. Unfortunately there isn’t a “Undelete post” yet. So if you accidentally deleted a post, how can you try to recover (undelete) the deleted post? There are a few ways, some which which depends on good memory or clever guesswork. 


Go to Feedly.com and type in the post address (url) into the search box and if you can find the feed, you can copy-paste into Blogger. For full recovery, your feed should be set to full, otherwise you will just get a partial recovery.


This method is applicable if you are still working on the same computer where you had prepared the post (or had viewed the deleted post). Just press ctrl+H to open a sidebar listing the browser history. Go to the part where you were editing the post copy-paste from the cached copy of the displayed post into a new post or continue to edit or publish the post:

browser history in sidebar

Alternative keyboard shortcut to call up the browser is shift+ctrl+H (shift+Cmd+H for MAC OS).


This method is applicable if you have not closed the tab or window where you had been preparing the deleted post (or had viewed the deleted post). Just keep pressing the BACK button till you get back to the point where you were editing the post (or had viewed the post).


Try to find a cached copy of the deleted post on the Web and restore the post from the cached copy. Type into Google search box 
cache:address (URL) of the deleted post or some keywords from the deleted post to try to find cached copies on the net. 

If the search throws up a result, click the link cached (see screen shot below) to open the cached webpage and either reconstruct a fresh post with the content from that cached webpage.

SERP resulting from searching for recover accidentally deleted post - how

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